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    Cat Stevens’ 1974 album Buddha and the Chocolate Box marked a stylistic return to form for the artist after the ambitious, self-produced Foreigner. For the album, Stevens reunited with producer Paul Samwell-Smith and second guitarist Alun Davies, and opted once again for more compact song lengths and spare acoustic arrangements. Buddha and the Chocolate Box was very well received by fans and produced Stevens’ first Top-10 hit in two years with “Oh Very Young.” Symbolic of Stevens’ own spiritual quest, the album’s title is a metaphor for being caught between the spiritual and the material, and is a reference to an actual experience he had on an airplane where he looked down to find a Buddha in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. The album’s bracing opener “Music” is, in many ways, Stevens’ solution to this scenario.

    Buddha and the Chocolate Box Catalog Number: A&M SP 3623

    Buddha and the Chocolate Box Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Music – 4:19

    2. Oh Very Young – 2:33

    3. Sun/C79 – 4:34

    4. Ghost Town – 3:08

    5. Jesus – 2:11

    Side Two

    1. Ready – 3:14

    2. King of Trees – 5:08

    3. A Bad Penny – 3:21

    4. Home in the Sky – 3:36

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