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    After his life-threatening battle with tuberculosis, Cat Stevens returned to the music world with a string of four consecutive hit albums, released between 1970 and 1972. These all featured the same producer (Paul Samwell-Smith), band, and Stevens’ whimsical folk rock style. Fearing he was becoming too predictable, Stevens decided to take a different approach on his 1973 album Foreigner and focus on the funk and soul music that was inspiring him, namely that of the Blue Notes, Stevie Wonder, and Leadbelly. He wrote and produced the album himself, and swapped the acoustic guitar interplay between him and Alun Davies with more elaborate keyboard arrangements, strings, the Tower of Power horn section, and a female vocal trio featuring Patti Austin. The ambitious 18-plus minute “Foreigner Suite” comprises all of Side One, and Side Two features the Top-40 hit “The Hurt.” The album’s title is a reference to both Stevens’ status as a tax exile in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as him being a stranger to this style of music.

    Foreigner Catalog Number: A&M SP4391

    Foreigner Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Foreigner Suite – 18:16

    Side Two

    1. The Hurt – 4:16

    2. How Many Times – 4:32

    3. Later – 4:47

    4. 100 I Dream – 4:10

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