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    Matthew & Son (1967) is the debut album from a very young Cat Stevens, released when he was just 18 years old. It features the song “Here Comes My Baby,” which became a major UK hit for the Tremeloes and was later featured in Wes Anderson’s 1998 film Rushmore. The success of the singles “I Love My Dog,” featuring none other than John Paul Jones on bass, “Matthew and Son,” and “I’m Gonna Get Me a Gun” helped the album shoot to the number seven slot on the UK charts. This meteoric success essentially turned Stevens into a teenage pop star. The style of Matthew & Son is quite different from the songwriter’s more introspective folk-oriented work of the 1970s. It’s very much a pop album with Donovan-like string and horn orchestrations, a bossa nova tune (“Bring Another Bottle, Baby”), and even a co-write with American producer Kim Fowley (“Portobello Road”). Growing up in the Soho theatre district of London, Stevens could literally hear musicals from his window and this influence is evident on the closing track “Lady.”

    Matthew & Son Catalog Number: Deram DES 18005

    Matthew & Son Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Matthew and Son – 2:42

    2. I Love My Dog – 2:21

    3. Here Comes My Baby – 2:55

    4. Bring Another Bottle, Baby – 2:42

    5. I’ve Found a Love – 2:29

    6. I See a Road – 2:08

    Side Two

    1. I’m Gonna Get Me a Gun – 2:11

    2. School Is Out – 2:55

    3. Baby, Get Your Head Screwed On – 2:20

    4. Speak to the Flowers – 2:22

    5. Hummingbird – 2:34

    6. Lady – 3:00

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