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    Numbers is a 1975 concept album by Cat Stevens. Subtitled “A Pythagorean Theory Tale,” it is about a fictional planet called Polygor that exists to distribute numbers (1-9) to the rest of the universe. While it it warns “This album is not to be taken 2 seriously,” it immerses listeners in the lives of the planet’s inhabitants, the Polygons: Monad, Dupey, Trezlar, Cubis, Qizlo, Hexidor, Septo, Octav, and Novim. We learn how their daily routines are disrupted when the slave Jzero offers a simple truth. With spiritual overtones and baroque musical influences, Numbers is also a catchy album with songs like “Banapple Gas.” In addition to organ, harpsichord, ARP string synthesizer, and accordion, the album features David Sanborn on saxophone and a host of guest vocalists including Art Garfunkel.

    Numbers Catalog Number: A&M SP 4555

    Numbers Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Whistlestar – 3:46

    2. Novim’s Nightmare – 3:50

    3. Majik of Majiks – 4:30

    4. Drywood – 4:53

    Side Two

    1. Banapple Gas – 3:07

    2. Land o’ Free Love & Goodbye – 2:50

    3. Jzero – 3:44

    4. Home – 4:09

    5. Monad’s Anthem – 2:43

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