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    Cat Stevens’ fourth album, Tea for the Tillerman, was an international breakthrough when it was released in 1970, and is now considered one of the greatest albums of all time. It features many of Stevens’ classic songs, including “Wild World,” “Hard Headed Woman,” and “Father and Son.” Like its predecessor Mona Bone Jakon, its songs were written during Stevens’ year-long recovery from tuberculosis. Four of the tracks were featured in the 1971 film Harold and Maude: “Where Do the Children Play?,” “On the Road to Find Out,” “Tea for the Tillerman,” and “Miles from Nowhere.” Yet, where Mona Bone Jakon dealt largely with death, Tea for the Tillerman is more of a thoughtful quest for meaning in the modern world. Stevens’ magical ability to mix melancholy with whimsy and channel his discontent into disarmingly charming melodies, graceful arrangements, and thought-provoking poetry is what makes this album such a masterpiece and essential listening. Fun Fact: Stevens created the album’s cover art.

    Tea for the Tillerman Catalog Number: A&M SP-4280

    Tea for the Tillerman Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Where Do the Children Play? – 3:48

    2. Hard Headed Woman – 3:42

    3. Wild World – 3:15

    4. Sad Lisa – 3:39

    5. Miles from Nowhere – 3:30

    Side Two

    1. But I Might Die Tonight – 1:51

    2. Longer Boats – 3:07

    3. Into White – 3:23

    4. On the Road to Find Out – 5:07

    5. Father and Son – 3:36

    6. Tea for the Tillerman – 1:00

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