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    Joni Mitchell’s previous albums have featured highly noteworthy guests, but Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm takes the cake for its veritable who’s who of music royalty. Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, Don Henley, Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Wendy & Lisa, and The Cars’ Benjamin Orr all lend their distinctive vocals to the album. The most unlikely of these, Idol effectively provides contrast to the prismatic sound of ’80s synths and percussion on “Dancin’ Clown” as he plays Petty’s bully. On “My Secret Place,” Gabriel’s voice blends almost indistinguishably with Mitchell’s to marvelously illustrate the threshold of shared intimacy. More melodic and less angry than Dog Eat Dog, Chalk Mark still voices Mitchell’s socio-political concerns. These range from the exploitation of native culture on “Lakota” to water pollution on “Cool Water,” a remake of the 1936 country song featuring Nelson. However, Mitchell brings the album to a sweet and simple close with “A Bird that Whistles,” her remake of the traditional blues song “Corrina, Corrina.”

    Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm Catalog Number:  Geffen GHS24173

    Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. My Secret Place – 5:03

    2. Number One – 3:48

    3. Lakota – 6:27

    4. The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms) – 4:55

    5. Dancin’ Clown – 3:54

    Side Two

    1. Cool Water – 5:26

    2. The Beat of Black Wings – 5:25

    3. Snakes and Ladders – 5:45

    4. The Reoccuring Dream – 3:05

    5. A Bird that Whistles – 2:37

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