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    Joni Mitchell’s Grammy-winning sophomore album, Clouds, features some of her most well-known songs, including “Both Sides, Now” and “Chelsea Morning.” As on all of her albums, Mitchell provides the artwork – a self-portrait with her Canadian hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan behind her. Mitchell’s background as a visual artist comes through in Cloud’s powerful use of imagery, as well. Examining love in both retrospect and anticipation, the album shifts from melancholy to celebratory and features just Mitchell’s pure voice over the unconventional chord progressions of her acoustic guitar. Yet, Clouds takes a bolder approach than its predecessor, Song to a Seagull, and tackles topics like mental illness (“I Think I Understand”), the occult (“Roses Blue”), and war (“The Fiddle and the Drum”). Guided by some of Mitchell’s most gorgeous and memorable melodies, this is one of her most rewarding albums to date.

    Clouds Catalog Number:  Reprise 44070

    Clouds Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Tin Angel – 4:09

    2. Chelsea Morning – 2:31

    3. I Don’t Know Where I Stand – 3:13

    4. That Song About the Midway – 4:37

    5. Roses Blue – 3:52

    Side Two

    1. The Gallery – 4:12

    2. I Think I Understand – 4:27

    3. Songs to Aging Children Come – 3:10

    4. The Fiddle and the Drum – 2:49

    5. Both Sides, Now – 4:34

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