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    Leonard Cohen is one of the most essential and intriguing singer-songwriters of the past 50 years, many ranking him second only to Bob Dylan. Starting out as an accomplished poet and author, the Montreal-born artist did not begin his music career until his 30s – yet it has endured into his 70s. His 1968 debut, Songs of Leonard Cohen, was one of the first releases of the late-’60s singer-songwriter movement and embodied it with its unadorned instrumentation and literate lyrics front and center. Described by Lou Reed as belonging to the “highest and most influential echelon of songwriters,” Cohen is a living legend with over 2,000 renditions of his songs recorded by other artists. Some of the most popular include “Famous Blue Raincoat,” “Hallelujah,” and “Suzanne.” Hearing the warm crackle of Cohen’s deep baritone and the emotional resonance of his words on vinyl is a near-religious experience.
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