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    Released in 1962, Peter, Paul and Mary’s self-titled debut remains one of the most enduring albums to come of out of the 1960s folk music revival. It features the trio’s classic versions of “Lemon Tree,” “500 Miles,” and the Grammy Award-winning “If I Had a Hammer.” Released in the context of the civil rights movement, the album embodied optimism and struck a perfect balance between the more widespread pop appeal of the Kingston Trio and the political edge of the Weavers. As a result, it is one of the few folk albums to have reached the number one position on the Billboard charts, where it stayed for seven weeks. In addition to the hits that also appear on 1970’s The Best of Peter, Paul and Mary: 10 Years Together, this debut features the trio’s beautifully harmonized “Cruel War” and cover of Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” making it an essential listen.

    Peter, Paul and Mary Catalog Number: Warner Bros. WS 1449

    Peter, Paul and Mary Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Early in the Morning – 1:33

    2. 500 Miles – 2:46

    3. Sorrow – 2:49

    4. This Train – 2:03

    5. Bamboo – 2:25

    6. It’s Raining – 4:20

    Side Two

    1. If I Had My Way – 2:17

    2. Cruel War – 3:26

    3. Lemon Tree – 2:52

    4. If I Had a Hammer – 2:06

    5. Autumn to May – 2:43

    6. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? – 3:54

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