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    Born Richard Melville Hall (taking his middle name from his distant uncle Herman), Moby was one of the most well-known names of the ’90s ambient electronica scene. He helped bring dance music to mainstream audiences, both in the States and in the UK, and is known for his melancholy approach to techno. His 1999 album Play is the best-selling electronica album to date, as well as the first album ever to have all of its tracks licensed for use in movies, television, or commercials. Unique in its mix of gospel and blues vocal samples over breakbeat rhythms, the album produced eight hit singles including “Porcelain,” “Natural Blues,” “Bodyrock,” and Moby’s collaboration with No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, “South Side.” Defying the genre’s typical coolness, Moby’s music has an organic feel that sounds stunning on vinyl.
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