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    While Herbie Hancock had joined forces with the hit-writing Rod Temperton on Lite Me Up, it proved to be his work with avant-garde bassist/producer Bill Laswell that produced his enormously influential crossover hit “Rockit.” Hancock makes a habit out of busting open jazz in ways that no one could have expected, and on Future Shock he incorporates DJ scratching and post-industrial clamor into his electro-funk fusion. With the help of keyboardist Michael Beinhorn, Grand Mixer D.ST, Latin percussionist Daniel PoncŽ, former Miles Davis guitarist Pete Cosey, and reggae great Sly Dunbar on drums, he shocked the future of music. “Rockit” was so influential it became a breakdancing phenomenon, one of the most successful music videos ever, and won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance. It also used hip-hop before it had started reaching a mass market, and is largely responsible for popularizing DJing.

    Future Shock Catalog Number: Columbia FC 38814

    Future Shock Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Rockit – 5:22

    2. Future Shock – 8:02

    3. TFS – 5:15

    Side Two

    1. Earth Beat – 5:10

    2. Autodrive – 6:25

    3. Rough – 6:57

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