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    Inventions and Dimensions is jazz pianist Herbie Hancock’s third studio album. It finds Hancock working with the no-horn combo of bassist Paul Chambers and Latin percussionists Willie Bobo and Osvaldo “Chihuahua” Martinez. Fitting with its title, the album shows inventiveness on the part of Hancock and was his most adventurous release up to this point. Using a rhythmic foundation for his piano, he created an album that didn’t sound like anything in the Blue Note catalog at the time. It also didn’t sound like typical Latin jazz, as he explored Latin textures in a much more subtle way with his piano at the helm. Despite the fact that these compositions were almost completely improvised, Inventions and Dimensions is still a structured album, made accessible by its rhythmic approach. It just lacks predictability. The album was re-released in the mid-’70s as Succotash, and credited to Hancock and Bobo.

    Inventions and Dimensions Catalog Number: Blue Note B1-84147

    Inventions and Dimensions Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Succotash – 7:37

    2. Triangle – 10:59

    Side Two

    1. Jack Rabbit – 5:57

    2. Mimosa – 8:37

    3. A Jump Ahead – 6:34

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