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    Marketed as Herbie Hancock’s first rock album, it’s the guests that make Monster a monster of an album. Relieving Hancock of singing duties – and thus the album of vocoder – are Bill Champlin (“It All Comes Around”), Greg Walker (“Saturday Night” and “Making Love”), Gavin Christopher (“Stars in Your Eyes” and the funky “Don’t Hold It In”), and Oren Waters (“Go for It”). Other guests include Carlos Santana who makes an appearance on “Saturday Night,” a disco track with Latin percussion from Sheila Escovedo. The Hendrix-emulating Randy Hansen also adds to the album, giving an edge to “Don’t Hold It In” and an art-rock touch to “It All Comes Around.” While Monster still adheres to disco, it does feature more varied textures, and Hancock articulates his Clavitar synthesizer like a guitarist. It isn’t rock, but it isn’t Feets either.

    Monster Catalog Number:  Columbia PC 36415

    Monster Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Saturday Night – 7:15

    2. Stars in Your Eyes – 7:07

    3. Go for It – 7:36

    Side Two

    1. Don’t Hold It In – 8:00

    2. Making Love – 6:24

    3. It All Comes Around – 5:49

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