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    Mwandishi is the first of three experimental jazz-fusion albums Herbie Hancock released between 1970 and 1973 – what would become known as his Mwandishi period. The album’s three lengthy tracks combine jazz, funk, and Hancock’s growing love of electronics. It’s avant-garde in its fondness for atmospherics over melody, and bold in its use of reverb units, stereo tremolo, and Echoplex. Opener “Ostinato (Suite for Angela)” features an unusual 15/8 rhythm, and funky percussion from Santana’s Jose Chepito Areas and Leon “Ndugu” Chancler. “You Know When You’ll Get There” is dreamy and evocative with Hancock’s electronic keyboard washes. Side Two features an abstract exercise in tension and release, “Wandering Spirit Song,” written by trombonist Julian Priester. Taking its name from Hancock’s adopted Swahili name (Mwandishi means “writer” in Swahili), the album features his electric sextet, who also adopted Swahili names: Mchezaji/Buster Williams (bass), Jabali/Billy Hart (drums), Mganga/Eddie Henderson (trumpet), Mwile/Benny Maupin (bass clarinet, alto flute), and Pepo Mtoto/Priester (trombone).

    Mwandishi Catalog Number:  Warner Bros. 9362 47541-1

    Mwandishi Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Ostinato (Suite for Angela) – 13:05

    2. You’ll Know When You Get There – 10:01

    Side Two

    1. Wandering Spirit Song – 21:23

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