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    Herbie Hancock reconciles his earlier electronic funk with his later hip-hop crossover on this aptly titled album, Perfect Machine. The third installment in the Bill Laswell techno funk-trilogy, it features bassist Bootsy Collins (Parliament-Funkadelic) and Sugarfoot (Ohio Player) on vocals, as well as scratchmaster D.ST. They give a tripped-out treatment to one of Hancock’s 1965 jazz composition “Maiden Voyage,” and whip up some funky techno-pop on single “Vibe Alive.” Also of note, “Chemical Residue” was the only track from these last three albums written solely by Hancock. It goes into dreamy harmonic territory, making it both lush and industrial thanks to Laswell’s Kraftwerk-influenced production. With a scaled down band, the album is more minimal and groove heavy, arguably of the same DNA as Head Hunters. It was also influential to hip-hop and electronic producers with its washes of synths. A fitting end to an era, this would be Hancock’s last album for Columbia Records.

    Perfect Machine Catalog Number:  Columbia 460679

    Perfect Machine Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Perfect Machine – 6:35

    2. Obsession – 5:16

    3. Vibe Alive – 5:24

    Side Two

    1. Beat Wise – 5:49

    2. Maiden Voyage / P. Bop – 6:32

    3. Chemical Residue – 6:01

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