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    Sound-System continues where Future Shock left off in both success and sound. The second in his trilogy of Bill Laswell-produced albums, it won Hancock his second Grammy for Best R&B Performance. While they more or less make a harder edged duplicate of “Rockit” with “Hardrock,” they also dig deeper and really commit, mixing elements of industrial and world music (two years before Paul Simon’s Graceland). Gambian multi-instrumentalist Foday Musa Suso plays on half of the tracks. “Junku,” which was written for the 1984 Olympics, features her electrified kora. “Karabali” features Wayne Shorter playing an electronic lyricon instead of his traditional soprano sax, and Hancock doing the opposite and going acoustic. In contrast, “Metal Beat” is all synthesized sounds. “People Are Changing” shifts gears yet again and features Bernard Fowler’s soulful vocals. Most of the same crew is carried over from Future Shock, including Grand Mixer D.ST.

    Sound-System Catalog Number:  Columbia FC 39478

    Sound-System Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Hardrock – 6:08

    2. Metal Beat – 4:53

    3. Karabali – 5:17

    Side Two

    1. Junku – 5:30

    2. People Are Changing – 6:03

    3. Sound-System – 5:51

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