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    Africa/Brass was the 1961 album by John Coltrane. It was his first album release under the new impulse! Label. The album featured Coltrane’s five piece band and was backed by a 15 piece brass band that included trumpeters Booker Little and Freddie Hubbard, as well as the base clarinettist Eric Dolphy. Originally all the brass arrangements on the album were accredited to Dolphy, but as the years went by it emerged that they were the work of the pianist McCoy Tyner. Tyner wrote the arrangement for the popular English traditional song “Greensleeves”. Coltrane and Dolphy adapted the piano voicing made by Tyner for the orchestra.

    Africa/Brass Track Listing

    1.    “Africa” (Coltrane) 16:31
    2.    “Greensleeves” (trad.) 9:39
    3.    “Blues Minor” (Coltrane) 7:19

    Africa/Brass Sessions, Volume 2 Track Listing

    1.    “Africa” (alternate take) (Coltrane) 16:08
    2.    “Greensleeves” (alternate take) (trad.) 10:53
    3.    “Song of the Underground Railroad” (trad.) 6:44

    The Complete Africa/Brass Sessions Track Listing

    Disc 1
    1.    “Greensleeves” (trad.) 9:57
    2.    “Song of the Underground Railroad” (trad.) 6:44
    3.    “Greensleeves” (alternate take) (trad.) 10:53
    4.    “The Damned Don’t Cry” (Cal Massey) 7:34
    5.    “Africa” (first version) (Coltrane) 14:08
    Disc 2
    1.    “Blues Minor” (Coltrane) 7:20
    2.    “Africa” (alternate take) (Coltrane) 16:08
    3.    “Africa” (Coltrane) 16:29
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