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    Bags and Trane (with Milt Jackson) is the 1961 collaborative album that was released by Atlantic Records. Featuring cool jazz and hard bop, the album took its name from the nicknames given to vibraphonist Milt Jackson and jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. Each individually was considered a true jazz artist. Together, the album they produced from their one day, January 1959, session created a masterful chiaroscuro of sound and color. Produced by Nesuhi Ertegun, who co-founded Atlantic with younger brother Ahmet, Bags and Trane (with Milt Jackson) was the only collaboration between the two artists. Itís a must for any collection.

    Bags and Trane (with Milt Jackson) Catalog Number:

    Atlantic LP 1368 (Mono Version)

    Bags and Trane (with Milt Jackson) Track Listing (LP Version)

    1.  Bags and Trane
    2.  Three Little Words
    3.  The Night We Called It a Day
    4.  Be-Bop
    5.  The Late Late Blues

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