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    The album Blue Train is a jazz album recorded by the jazz musician John Coltrane. It was recorded on the 15th of September 1957 in New Jersey at the Van Gelder Studio. This album is considered to be Coltrane’s first ever solo album, as it comprises songs and musicians that he chose himself. All of the songs were actually written by Coltrane except one. The album itself was released in 1957, and it remains a very popular jazz CD to this day. During an interview with Coltrane in 1960 the jazz musician described it as his favorite album to that date.

    Blue Train Track Listing:

    On the 1957 LP and the 1990 CD release
    1.    “Blue Train” (Coltrane) – 10:43
    2.    “Moment’s Notice” (Coltrane) – 9:10
    3.    “Locomotion” (Coltrane) – 7:14
    4.    “I’m Old Fashioned” (Kern/Mercer) – 7:58
    5.    “Lazy Bird”(Coltrane) – 7:00
    Alternate takes (1997 CD release only):
    1.    “Blue Train” (alternate take) – 9:58
    2.    “Lazy Bird” (alternate take) – 7:12

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