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    Cosmic Music, a jazz album by John Coltrane and his wife Alice Coltrane, was released shortly after the death of John Coltrane. The album has the following tracks: “Manifestation”, “Reverend King”, “Lord Help Me”, and “Sun”. Reverend King is a tribute to the famous Martin Luther King Jr.  John Coltrane’s two tracks, among his last, were recorded in 1966 and Alice’s two tracks were recorded in 1968. True to the name of the album, Cosmic, the music is intense, spiritual, soul searching and moving, with the common perception that John introduced fundamentals of Indian philosophy into jazz. The album has John Coltrane on the saxophone and Alice Coltrane playing the piano.

    Cosmic Music Catalog Numbers


    Cosmic Music Track Listing

    1.    Manifestation (11.37)
    2.    Lord, Help Me To Be (7.29)
    3.    Reverend King (11)
    4.    The Sun (4.02)

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