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    The 1964 album Crescent is a studio album by the jazz musician John Coltrane. The album featured his jazz quartet group of Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones, and McCoy Tyner who all played original compositions by Coltrane himself. The album Crescent is widely regarded as the musician’s darkest album, due to its very somber mood. The music in the album represented Coltrane’s return to form and structure after he performed seven years of experimentation with traditional balladry. The five songs on the album are considered to be some of the finest and most lyrical that were ever recorded by the Coltrane quartet.

    Crescent Track Listing:

    1.    “Crescent” – 8:41
    2.    “Wise One” – 9:00
    3.    “Bessie’s Blues” – 3:22
    4.    “Lonnie’s Lament” – 11:45
    5.    “The Drum Thing” – 7:22

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