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    John Coltrane was a true pioneer within the musical industry. Within his twelve year long career he made roughly 50 recordings and appeared as a sideman on other albums. Dakar is a jazz album that was recorded in 1957, shortly after the bombing of the church in Birmingham that killed four African American girls during the Civil Rights Movement. The album Dakar caused John Coltrane to be viewed by the generations that followed him as a civil rights activist who used his jazz talents to inspire the younger populations. This album was created to bridge the world of African Americans to their original roots, being African.

    Dakar Track listing

    Original LP release Dakar, 1963 (Prestige 7280)
    1.    “Dakar” – 7:07
    2.    “Mary’s Blues” – 6:46
    3.    “Route 4” – 6:53
    4.    “Velvet Scene” – 4:52
    5.    “Witches Pit” – 6:40
    6.    “Catwalk” – 7:11

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