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    Expression was an album performed by the jazz saxophone musician John Coltrane. The title track was to be Coltrane’s last recording in a studio, while the rest of the album was recorded around the same time as the album Interstellar Space. The song “To Be” featured Coltrane playing the flute and it is the only recording that he made on this instrument for an entire song. The rest of the songs on the album seem to have acquired a wider sound while still staying true to the free-form style of his later years. The album was released in 1967 by Impulse! Records.

    Expression Track Listing:

    1.    “Ogunde” (3:36)
    2.    “To Be” (16:20)
    3.    “Offering” (8:25)
    4.    “Expression” (10:50)
    5.    “Number One” (11:55) – additional track on reissue

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