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    Gleanings is a studio album by legendary jazz musician John Coltrane. The album was recorded in April 1963 and August 1965. It was released in 1965 for the Impulse! label. The record has Coltrane on tenor saxophone performing with McCoy Tyner on the piano, Jimmy Garrison on double bass, and Elvin Jones and Ron Hayes on drums. The recordings on this album mark a musical fork in the road where Coltrane’s “sheets of sound” style of improvisation meets Coleman’s blues-based conception of harmonics. The record features tracks such as “Big Nick” and the mid-tempo “Nature Boy”. This album can be considered a must have for fans of Coltrane or jazz music in general.

    Gleanings Track Listing

    1. “Big Nick” – 4:15
    2. “Vilia” – 4:35
    3. “Dear Old Stockholm” – 10:35
    4. “Nature Boy” – 8:48
    5. “One Up One Down” – 12:28
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