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    The album “Impressions” seems like a hodgepodge, as it includes tracks from three different sessions recorded in three different years. The synergy that existed between Coltrane and Eric Dolphy at the bandstand can be clearly felt in the tracks, “India” and “Impressions”. “India” is a combination of bass clarinet and soprano, where as “Impressions” features a tenor sax. The tracks, “After the Rain” and “Up ‘Gainst the Wall” are fascinating digressions, but the short length of both these tracks leaves one wanting for more. In spite of having different origins, all the tracks of this album fit remarkably well to make a treasured collection.

    Impressions Track listing

    1.    India (14:10)
    2.    Up ‘Gainst the Wall (3:17)
    3.    Impressions (15:05)
    4.    After the Rain (4:27)
    5.    Dear Old Stockholm (10:37)

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