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    Interstellar Space was one of the final albums ever made by John Coltrane, and is a very intense experience. At this point in Coltrane’s life, the artist was interested in music that is highly improvisational and free of structure and form. While the album is not very approachable, it is an important part of Coltrane’s musical evolution. It was recorded in 1967, and released in 1972 by Impulse! records.

    The musicians on the album are John Coltrane on Tenor Sax and Bells, and Rashied Ali on Drums.

    Interstellar Space Track Listing

    1. Mars (10:41)
    2. Venus (8:28)
    3. Jupiter (5:22)
    4. Saturn (11:33)
    5. Leo (10:53)
    6. Jupiter Variation (6:44)

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