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    Meditations is a studio album by legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. It was recorded and released in 1965 for Impulse! Records. The album features Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders as soloists, both playing tenor saxophones. Most of the recording is pretty progressive, with extended passages in free form rhythm and saxophone techniques like extensive honked and overblown notes. The album also prominently features the multiphonics style. Meditations has a divided opinion amongst jazz devotees. The album can easily be dismissed as 40 minutes worth of random noise, however after several listens; Meditations can be quite extraordinary, ranking alongside works such as “Ascension”, “Kula Se Mama” and “Interstellar Space”.

    Meditations Track listing

    1. “The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost” – 12:51
    2. “Compassion” – 6:50
    3. “Love” – 8:09
    4. “Consequences” – 9:11
    5. “Serenity” – 3:28

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