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    The album Om was recorded in 1965 by John Coltrane. “Om” is a sacred syllable in the Hindu religion, which symbolizes the infinite or the entire universe. Coltrane describes Om as; “the first vibration, that sound, that spirit which set everything else into being. It is theword that from which all men and everything else comes, including all possible sounds that men can make.” The album Om is 29 minutes long and contains chants from the Hindu epic, Bhagavad-Gita. It is rumored that Coltrane may have been on LSD during the Om session and the album was not well received.

    Om Track Listing

    Original LP release
    Side A
    1. Om (part one) (15:02)
    Side B
    1. Om (part two) (13:58)
    1. Om (28:49)

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