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    Settin’ the Pace is a studio album by the great jazz musician John Coltrane. It was released in 1958 for OJC records. This record captures Coltrane during an important year of development, 1958. Like the other great release of the same year, “Soultrane,” “Settin’ the Pace,” shows how far his performance had grown during three years of collaboration with Miles Davis. Two highlights from the records are the Monkish 14 minute long “Little Melonae” and the mellower “I See Your Face before Me”. The album provides plenty of self-assured and passionate playing from one of the greatest jazz artists and is a must have for all jazz fans.

    Settin’ the Pace Track Listing

    1. “I See Your Face Before Me” – 10:00
    2. “If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You” – 9:23
    3. “Little Melonae” – 14:08
    4. “Rise ‘n’ Shine” – 7:15

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