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    The Last Trane was released in 1958 by the renowned jazz artist John Coltrane. This album was released by Prestige records. The last Trane album was preceded by the album “Lush Life” and was followed by the album “The Believer” in the same year. In this album Donald Byrd played the trumpet, Red Garland played the piano, Paul Chambers and Earl May played the bass, and Art Taylor played the drums. This album was released 9 years before he died in New York, Huntington Hospital from liver cancer. At the time John Coltrane released this critically acclaimed album he was only 30 years. This album contained hit singles such as “By the number” and “Come Rain or Come Shine”.

    The Last Trane (Prestige) Track listing:

    1.    “Lover” (Hart, Rodgers) – 7:58
    2.    “Slowtrane” (Coltrane) – 7:19
    3.    “By the Number” (Coltrane) – 12:01
    4.    “Come Rain or Come Shine” (Arlen, Mercer) – 8:43

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