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    Bags’ Groove is the jazz albums released in 1954 by Miles Davis on Prestige Records. Both of the takes that come from the title track were recorded on 24 December 1954. “Bags” was the nickname of vibraphonist Milt Jackson. The rest of the album was recorded on 29 June earlier that year. The total composition and the other three compositions that are found on the album by a young Sonny Rollins all became the standard of jazz. The track “Oleo” was the first time that Miles Davis used the Harman in the studio recording. This inevitably became one of the most important sounds from his trumpet that followed him for the rest of his career.

    Bags’ Groove Track Listing

    1. “Bags’ Groove” (Milt Jackson) [take 1] – 11:12
    2. “Bags’ Groove” [take 2] – 9:20
    3. “Airegin” (Sonny Rollins) – 4:57
    4. “Oleo” (Rollins) – 5:10
    5. “But Not for Me” (George Gershwin) [take 2] – 4:34
    6. “Doxy” (Rollins) – 4:51
    7. “But Not for Me” [take 1] – 5:42

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