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    Birth Of the Cool was an album that comprised of 12 songs which was recorded by the jazz musician Miles Davis. The album was released Capitol Records and was recorded during the years 1949 to 1950. The album featured some unusual instrumentation and also several notable musicians also collaborated on the album. The music of the album consisted of arrangements that were inspired by classical music and this helped begin the post-bebop jazz era. As the title of the album implies, the recordings featured are considered to be seminal in the history of cool jazz.

    Birth of the Cool Track Listing

    Arrangements by the composer unless otherwise noted.
    1. “Move” (Denzil Best, arranged by John Lewis) – 2:32
    2. “Jeru” (Gerry Mulligan) – 3:10
    3. “Moon Dreams” (Chummy MacGregor, Johnny Mercer, arranged by Gil Evans) – 3:17
    4. “Venus de Milo” (Mulligan) – 3:10
    5. “Budo” (Miles Davis, Bud Powell, arranged by Lewis) – 2:32
    6. “Deception” (Davis, arranged by Mulligan) – 2:45
    7. “Godchild” (George Wallington, arranged by Mulligan) – 3:07
    8. “Boplicity” (Cleo Henry, i.e. Davis and Gil Evans, arranged by Evans) – 2:59
    9. “Rocker” (Mulligan) – 3:03
    10. “Israel” (Johnny Carisi) – 2:15
    11. “Rouge” (John Lewis) – 3:13
    12. “Darn That Dream” (Eddie DeLange, James Van Heusen, arranged by Mulligan) – 3:26
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