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    Blue Moods is a jazz album by the musician Miles Davis. It was recorded on July 9, 1955 and released later that year. The album brought together Charles Mingus and Miles Davis and was accompanied by Elvin Jones on the drums. The arrangement of the Song Alone Together was by Charles Mingus himself, while all the other tracks were arranged by Teddy Charles. The album was released on Charles Mingus’s own Debut Records Label in the latter part of 1955. The album was recorded at the Rudy Van Gelder Studios which is in Hackensack, New Jersey.

    Blue Moods Track Listing:

    1    Time After Time 5:35
    2    Summertime 3:20
    3    Circle 5:50
    4    My Ship 4:29
    5    Old Folks 5:17
    6    Blue in Green 5:36
    7    ‘Round Midnight 5:57
    8    Fran-Dance 5:51
    9    Flamenco Sketches 9:25
    10    Drad Dog 4:50
    11    Sweet Pea 8:01
    12    Summer Night 6:02
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