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    ESP was an album by the Miles Davis quintet, and was recorded in the month of January 1965. The quintet consisted of Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Ron Carter, and Davis himself. It would be this quintet that would be together the longest out of all of Davis’ groups. This was a day of firsts for recording, and the album was made up of compositions that were written entirely by the members of the group. The album was recorded on January 20 to January 22, 1965 at the Columbia Studio Hollywood, and was released in November later that year.

    ESP Track Listing:

    1.    “E.S.P.” (W. Shorter)
    2.    “Eighty-One” (R. Carter/M. Davis)
    3.    “Little One” (H. Hancock)
    4.    “R.J.” (R. Carter)
    5.    “Agitation” (M. Davis)
    6.    “Iris” (W. Shorter)
    7.    “Mood” (R. Carter/M. Davis)

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