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    Jazz Track is an album by legendary jazz musician Miles Davis. It was released in 1958 for the Jazzbeat Spain label. Fans of jazz music consider the period of 1954-1964 to be one in which Miles put out an awful lot of excellent work. 1958 in particular, was a year when Davis couldn’t put a foot wrong. One criticism that fans have had of Miles is that he did not play enough up tempo tunes with the mute. In this record however, there are a couple of tunes with Miles playing the muted trumpet up tempo. The tracks “Sur l’autoroute Julien dans l’ascenseur” and “Evasion de Julien” are muted magic and are worth the cost of the entire album.

    “Jazz Track” Track Listing

    1. On Green Dolphin Street
    2. Fran-Dance
    3. Stella by Starlight
    4. GÈnÈrique
    5. Florence Sur Les Champs-…lysÈes
    6. Visite du Vigile
    7. Julien Dans l’Ascenseur
    8. Assassinat de Carala
    9. Diner au Motel
    10. Chez le Photographe du Motel
    11. …vasion de Julien
    12. Bar du Petit Bac
    13. Sur l’Autoroute
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