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    Music from Siesta is a studio album released by legendary jazz musician Miles Davis and Marcus Miller. It was released in 1987 as the
    soundtrack of the Mary Lambert film of the same name. All tracks on the album were composed by Marcus Miller, except for “Theme for Augustine”, on which Davis collaborated with Miller. This haunting and melancholy record is the favorite of many Davis fans, particularly from the later years of his career. Some of the music on the album is reminiscent of Davis’ Sketches of Spain from the late 60’s. With the Latin motif of the movie, the album uses the familiar classical guitar and the Flamenco sound, which is an interesting complement to Miles’

    Music from Siesta Track Listing

    1. “Lost In Madrid Part I”
    2. “Siesta/Kitt’s Kiss/Lost In Madrid Part II”
    3. “Theme For Augustine/Wind/Seduction/Kiss”
    4. “Submission”
    5. “Lost In Madrid Part III”
    6. “Conchita/Lament”
    7. “Lost In Madrid Part IV/Rat Dance/The Call”
    8. “Claire/Lost In Madrid Part V”
    9. “Afterglow”
    10. “Los Feliz”

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