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    The Musings of Miles is a studio album by jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. It was recorded and released in 1955 for Prestige Records. Although frequently overlooked, the album is considered one of Davis’ best works. Shortly after the recording of this album, Davis would assemble John Coltrane, Paul Chambers, Red Garland and Philly Joe Jones into what would be known as his First Great Quintet. Highlight tracks on the record include the beautiful ballad “I See Your Face Before Me” and the swinging “A Gal in Calico”. and Dizzy Gilespie’s “A Night in Tunisia”. “I Didn’t” is based on Thelonius Monk’s “Well You Needn’t” and the record closes with the bluesy “Green Haze”, which is an under-rated Davis classic.

    Musings of Miles Track Listing

    1. “Will You Still Be Mine?” – M. Dennis and T. Adair – 6:23
    2. I See Your Face Before Me” – A. Schwartz and H. Dietz – 4:46
    3. “I Didn’t” – M. Davis – 6:06
    4. “A Gal In Calico” – A. Schwartz and L. Robin – 5:18
    5. “A Night in Tunisia” – D. Gillespie and F. Paparelli – 7:24
    6. “Green Haze” – M. Davis – 5:50

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