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    Tutu is an album by legendary jazz artist Miles Davis. It was recorded for Warner Bros. Records and released in 1986. The name of the album is a tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the first black Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa. The album makes heavy use of synthesizers and electronic sounds. It also contains tracks such as “Full Nelson”, which refers to Nelson Mandela and “Perfect Way”, which is a cover of a song by Scritti Politti. Major contributors to the album include producers Tommy LiPuma and Marcus Miller, who wrote, played and arranged all but one of the songs in the album.

    Tutu Track listing

    1. “Tutu” – 5:15
    2. “Tomaas” – 5:38 (Davis, Marcus Miller)
    3. “Portia” – 6:18
    4. “Splatch” – 4:46
    5. “Backyard Ritual” – 4:49
    6. “Perfect Way” – 4:35 (David Gamson, Green Gartside)
    7. “Don’t Lose Your Mind” – 5:49
    8. “Full Nelson” – 5:06

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