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    Thelonious Monk released several albums and criss cross was the 26th album. This was in fact his second album after signing with Columbia records. What was so exceptional about this album is the fact that it included tracks which were rarely recorded such as the Hackensack, tea for two and eronel.
    Criss cross is a very unique album in that it is a swing with a slight touch of bop jazz style which is characterized by complex harmonies. Many music reviewers and jazz fanatics concur that this album was one of his best compositions ever.

    Criss Cross Track listing

    1. Hackensack 4:12
    2. Tea for Two 3:46
    3. Criss Cross 4:52
    4. Eronel 4:29
    5. Rhythm-A-Ning 3:53
    6. Don’t Blame Me 7:04
    7. Think of One 5:17
    8. Crepuscule with Nellie 2:45
    9. Pannonica

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