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    Released in 1956, The Unique Thelonious Monk is a compilation of standards covered by Monk for his second album release for Riverside Records. Still on the quest for mass-market appeal; the release of a second album of cover versions was Riverside’s way of capitalizing on consumer interest while still hoping to reach a mainstream audience; and at the same time, debunking the myth that Monk’s music was “too difficult” for universal acceptance. Although the album showcases Monk√≠s and his early band member’s exceptional musical style, the rarely heard album is often either overlooked or ignored in documentaries chronicling Monk’s career.

    The Unique Thelonious Monk Track List

    1. Memories of You (4:15)
    2. Honeysuckle Rose (5:32)
    3. Darn That Dream (6:30)
    4. Tea for Two (5:52)
    5. You Are Too Beautiful (4:53)
    6. Just You, Just Me (7:59)

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