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    Blue Moves (1976) is Elton John’s second double album and first release on his own label, Rocket Records. No longer under the pressure of a two album a year contract, it is purposely non-commercial and a departure from Rock of the Westies‘ fun rockers into bluer, more introspective territory. It’s also one of John’s favorites. Included are the beloved “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” “Bite Your Lip (Get up and Dance!),” and “Cage the Songbird,” a tribute to Edith Piaf in the vein of “Candle in the Wind” that features backup vocals from David Crosby and Graham Nash. Other notable guests include Beach Boy Bruce Johnston and Toni Tennille (“Chameleon”), the Cornerstone Choir (“Boogie Pilgrim”), and the London Symphony Orchestra. Also of note: the album’s sole rocker “One Horse Town” with its wild, Paul Buckmaster string arrangements, the moving “Tonight” featuring a riveting orchestral intro arranged by keyboardist James Newton Howard, and the haunting, jazz-styled ballad “Idol” featuring saxophonist David Sanborn.

    Blue Moves Catalog Number: Rocket 2-11004

    Blue Moves Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Your Starter For… – 1:25

    2. Tonight – 8:02

    3. One Horse Town – 5:47

    4. Chameleon – 5:27

    Side Two

    1. Boogie Pilgrim – 6:03

    2. Cage the Songbird – 3:28

    3. Crazy Water – 5:42

    4. Shoulder Holster – 4:20

    Side Three

    1. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word – 3:43

    2. Out of the Blue – 6:10

    3. Between Seventeen and Twenty – 5:10

    4. The Wide-Eyed and Laughing – 3:20

    5. Someone’s Final Song – 4:00

    Side Four

    1. Where’s the Shoorah – 4:10

    2. If There’s a God in Heaven (What’s He Waiting For?) – 4:20

    3. Idol – 4:10

    4. Theme from a Non-Existent TV Series – 1:20

    5. Bite Your Lip (Get up and Dance!) – 6:37

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