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    Michael Jackson Bad Album CoverAfter his acclaimed “Thriller” album, Michael Jackson released his seventh album, “Bad”, roughly five years later. It was a success with selling more than 30 million copies and having five singles consecutively show up at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was an album that featured his usually rock, pop and R&B.

    The “Bad” single showed up number one on multiple top charts and a total of eleven singles were released off the album. On this album Michael Jackson was able to show an even greater sense of artistic ability by writing nine of the “Bad” albums eleven tracks.

    With “Bad” he tool home another 2 Grammy Awards out of a total of 6 nominations. This album was the last time that Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson would work together on his albums. The success of “Bad” again catapulted Michael Jackson into a whole other level of a pop artist.

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