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    Michael Jackson Ben Album CoverOn August 4, 1972, the second album recorded by Michael Jackson as a solo artist was released. The album was titled “Ben” and sold roughly 5 million copies as his previous album. Although it received a mixed review from those artists with more of a contemporary flare, it did do well with the masses coming in at number one on the Billboard charts. “Ben”, his only single released from the album, became his first number one single. The other single “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” was scheduled to be released but never was.

    The album did not fare as well in other parts of the world as his prior album did but later on was nominated for an Academy Award for Best song and awarded a Golden Globe. It did reach number 37 in the UK and 121 in France. The album also went through some changes with first being released with a rat on the cover and then the second release not including the cover. This was due to the fact that people felt it was too much and might scare children. In all, Michael Jackson’s second album was a success largely in the United States.

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