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    Michael Jackson Forever, Michael Album CoverMichael Jackson came back to the solo scene after two years of strictly working with his new, maturing voice and the Jackson 5. Although he was going to release the album in 1974, he had to wait until the settling of “Dancing Machine” which proved to be a big hit.

    When “Forever, Michael” was released, it was good enough to bring him back to the top 40. The singles that got him there were “Just a Little Bit of You” and “We’re Almost There”; courtesy of Eddie and Brian Holland. Overall, the album sold around 4 million copies and gained notoriety worldwide again ranking number one in the UK.

    Ironically enough, “Forever, Michael” was the only album that did not include a song with the same name. It was his way to break back on the scene with a new record label and a new smoother soul sound that he was in the beginnings of developing.

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