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    Michael Jackson HIStory album coverThe ninth album HIStory: Past present and Future, Book I (HIStory for short), was released on June 16, 1995. This was a very controversial album and came in response to the media attention on Jackson after allegations of sexual abuse.

    The HIStory album contained 15 songs and many of them stemmed from the treatment he felt he was getting from the media. The album touched on many subjects such as injustice, isolation, greed and being aware of the environment.

    There were a total of eight singles released off the album with two being promotional. The two promotional songs include “You Are Not Alone” and “Scream”. They both made it to the Billboard 100 top five. Although a few other singles that were released were not widely popular in the United States, they did rank well internationally. In the end, it took home a Grammy Award for Best Music video for the “Scream” video.
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