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    Michael Jackson Invincible record coverMichael Jackson’s final album, “Invincible” was released October 30, 2001. The album included 15 songs and had album covers in a variety of colors depicting Michael Jackson’s face. In total, the album released three singles and one Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The three singles included “Butterflies” which was an outside the US release, “Cry” which did not fare as well in the US and “You Rock My World” most notable in the US. Writing credits were given to R. Kelly, Teddy Riley and Rodney Jerkins.

    The album saw its days in the number one position on a number of different charts around the world (consisting of 11 different countries) and sold about 10 million copies. Compared to his previous albums, “Invincible” was considered one of Jackson’s failures. In the end, contemporary music critics liked the album which were his toughest critics in his earlier days.

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