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    Michael Jackson Music & Me record coverMichael Jackson’s third album, Music & Me fell on harder times seeing only 4 million copies sold worldwide. Michael was still signed with Motown which still refused to let Michael Jackson have a hand in writing his own music.

    During this time he was on tour with the Jackson 5 and reaching the age of fourteen. As with all fourteen year olds, his voice was changing. This became marked as a transition period for him in his life as well as his music. Joe Jackson, Michael’s father took their contract from Motown and switched over to Epic records where they had greater artistic freedom.

    Before this switch however, the single “With a Child’s Heart”, a cover of Stevie Wonder only ranked 14 on the Billboard R & B and 50 on the Billboard Pop charts. Due to this decline in popularity, Michael Jackson decided to take two years to himself and figure out his new found voice and came back with his album, Forever, Michael.

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