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    Michael Jackson Thrill Record Cover“Thriller”, Michael Jackson’s sixth album was a huge success to say the least. It broke many records in numerous areas. With a huge budget for production and the help of Quincy Jones as producer, Michael Jackson was able to create the best selling album of all time.

    The album sold over 110 million copies throughout the world. There were 7 hit singles of the nine total tracks on the album. Each and every one of the seven singles that were released saw the top 10 on the Billboard charts. This also lead to Michael Jackson bringing home eight Grammy Awards in 1984 which is the record for any album.

    Not only was the music popular on the “Thriller” album, it was also well known for its classic music video. With all of the amazing success of the Thriller album, Michael Jackson easily secured his place as one of the great performers in the history of modern music.

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