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    Al Green is one of the great R&B/Soul singers to come from the 1970’s. His distinctive voice, mellow beats and romantic lyrics propelled him to great success in the early part of the decade. During an infamous moment of his life, he was assaulted by a girlfriend with a pot full of hot grits that left him with severe burns on his back. His girlfriend then committed suicide. Al Green saw this as a message from God, and he began working towards becoming a pastor. After difficulties returning to his previous fame, Al Green devoted his musical career to gospel music, and continued to pastor his church. During this time, Al Green produced several gospel albums that received critical fame, yet due to their content, did not achieve widespread popularity. Al Green returned to his R&B roots in the later 1980’s, and has recorded a few secular albums since then. He continues to produce records, perform, and preside over his church in Memphis, TN. Al Green’s distinctive voice will capture your heart when heard on vinyl.

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