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    After firing Danny Kirwan for his unruly behavior while on tour, Fleetwood Mac hired guitarist Bob Weston and vocalist Dave Walker as his replacements. On Penguin (1973), each would contribute one song – Walker the banjo-filled “The Derelict,” and Weston the instrumental “Caught in the Rain.” Bob Welch and Christine McVie would split the difference and collaborate on the steel drum-infused “Did You Ever Leave Me.” Penguin is somewhat of a divisive album, largely due to Walker’s gravelly voice, which didn’t mesh well with the band’s more pop-leaning sound and would get him fired following the album’s tour. Welch makes up for it, though, with his Pink Floyd-esque “Bright Fire,” the Santana-like rocker “Revelation,” and “Night Watch” featuring an uncredited Peter Green on guitar. McVie’s “Dissatisfied” is another standout with its Motown feel.

    Penguin Catalog Number: Reprise MS 2138

    Penguin Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Remember Me – 2:41

    2. Bright Fire – 4:31

    3. Dissatisfied – 3:41

    4. (I’m A) Road Runner – 4:52

    Side Two

    1. The Derelict – 2:43

    2. Revelation – 4:55

    3. Did You Ever Love Me – 3:39

    4. Night Watch – 6:09

    5. Caught in the Rain – 2:35

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